Emeritus Reinsurance is in the “game” for the long term as evidenced in its history.

Emeritus Reinsurance was born out of Zimre Holdings Limited (ZHL) in 1983, formerly Baobab through an Act of Parliament, the  Zimbabwe Reinsurance Corporation Act [Chapter 24:17] and started transacting reinsurance business in 1984. Through Legal cessions and commercial trading, the company grew into a diversified group with investments in Reinsurance, Reassurance, Insurance, Property, Insurance broking, Reinsurance broking both locally and regionally.

In 2000, the ZHL Group undertook an unbundling exercise in which it formed independent legal entities from its various business interests. The unbundling enabled the Group to establish highly focused and sector-specific operations with Emeritus Reinsurance homing in on its core competencies of reinsurance, reassurance and risk management.

Over its 30 years of business, Emeritus Reinsurance has been influential in the establishment of key insurance and reinsurance entities in Zimbabwe and the region namely Colonnade Reinsurance now Waica Reinsurance and Southern African Reinsurance Corporation now FBC Reinsurance.

Emeritus Reinsurance believes in the power of education in creating sustainable wealth. Accordingly, through its robust training and development programs and partnerships with the ZHL Group, Emeritus Reinsurance has groomed many of today’s leading insurance experts in Africa. In addition, Emeritus Reinsurance was also instrumental in the development of the curriculum of Zimbabwe’s top insurance institutions.

In line with its longevity and expertise, the Company re-branded in 2018. In the same year, it was awarded the brand of the year award. Emeritus Reinsurance strives to be is a leader in reinsurance and risk management not only by name but by deed.


The Emeritus Reinsurance brand is associated with evolving, enriching and relevant risk solutions for short-term and life and health insurance services. Emeritus Reinsurance commands a unique business model of a network of established and efficient subsidiary offices within Southern Africa, being the only group with such a network in the region. Emeritus Reinsurance believes in bringing risk solutions closer to home, hence the expansive network business model.

We have positioned ourselves as leaders in reinsurance and risk management, based on our heritage of providing innovative risk solutions to protect growth and prosperity. Our sense of determination and outlook on the reinsurance business follow through in our corporate brand identity, with colours that speak to our brand attributes of intelligence, wisdom, focus, efficiency, sophistication, determination, security and passion.  Combining the vibrancy and warmth of orange with the maturity and strength-of-purpose of blue, along with a simple yet sophisticated typeface, we present a clean, modern and sophisticated look.

All this is anchored by the centerpiece of the new Emeritus Reinsurance Logo - an ‘E’ stylised as a shield, which is the only representative of the strength of the brand. Our corporate identity speaks to our excellence, experience, efficiency and security.