• General Reinsurance

    Emeritus Reinsurance bundle of products and services is tailored to ensure optimal protection of clients from both individual risk and catastrophic exposures. Our products fall into two main branches: facultative and treaty reinsurance. Facultative reinsurance focuses on giving protection to risks placed individually. Treaty reinsurance is about establishing a protection facility, with a pre-agreed scope, to

  • Life and Health Services

    Life and Health entail providing reinsurance solutions to diverse client needs and requirements specific to life and health insurance. Being life reinsurance solutions providers, we are just like our clients in the risk assumption business. This shared perspective together with our vast industry knowledge and expertise enables us to understand

  • Risk Management

    Emeritus Reinsurance is involved in risk management training, pre-loss surveys and post-loss surveys. The aim of which is to reduce economic waste and prevent recurrence of similar losses.