A Member of ZHL Holdings Limited

Life and Health entail providing reinsurance solutions to diverse client needs and requirements specific to life and health insurance.

Being life reinsurance solutions providers, we are just like our clients in the risk assumption business. This shared perspective together with our vast industry knowledge and expertise enables us to understand and evaluate the different types of risks and hence propose the perfect reinsurance solutions which are flexible and tailored to meet our clients’ peculiar needs. We provide treaty and facultative reinsurance solutions in support of the underlying products that our clients underwrite in the broad categories of Individual Life, Group and Health Businesses. Our product offerings include proportional and non-proportional reinsurance solutions designed to achieve cost efficiency, capital efficiency and enabling our clients to maintain their required solvency.  

Pursuant to the group objectives we seek to provide excellent value for our clients through technical services such as underwriting, claims assessment, skills development and product development. Our service turnaround times for underwriting and claims are structured to ensure that our clients remain competitive in their various spheres