Emeritus Reinsurance is a professional pan-African reinsurer specialising in providing reinsurance and risk management solutions to the direct insurance markets.


Our Vision

An agile reinsurance group that straddles Africa’s insurance and risk management space.

Our Mission

The provision of reinsurance and risk solutions through diversified, innovative, technologically-driven platforms and strategic alliances.

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We are Emeritus

Our strength

Just like an elephant’s knowledge of its environment, Emeritus Reinsurance has got encyclopedic knowledge of African markets, built through partnerships with both insurers and reinsurers across the continent, and a deliberate policy of establishing subsidiaries in selected regions. The more than 30 years’ experience in the reinsurance business, diverse and skilled employee base, and innovation remain the key attributes that have contributed to achieving success in delivering dynamic, flexible and client-centric reinsurance and risk management solutions.

A partnership beyond tomorrow

Emeritus Reinsurance is in the “game“ for the long term. “We do not take away the umbrella when you need it most.” Our continued presence in different markets and uninterrupted partnerships with direct insurance companies is a testimony of our belief in establishing, promoting, nourishing and cementing long-term partnerships that are beyond tomorrow!

Strengthening your value chain is our concern

Our business conviction is that of ensuring a mutual and continuous strengthening of value chains in terms of product design, underwriting, claims payment and most importantly, meeting client expectations. The unique partnership we offer is tailored to give a competitive advantage to our clients in their quest to achieving chosen corporate objectives.

Our Values

We uphold teamwork, synergies and partnerships for win-win outcomes

We uphold ethical business practices, good corporate governance, and continuous improvement

Respect for fellow workmates, clients and other stakeholders, is the hallmark of the Group’s success

We uphold excellence within the workplace through emotional maturity

Emeritus employees’ dedication to work transforms promised service into reality